positive parenting: father reading to children

Parent Testimonials

“Last night at bedtime I was remembering that at one time I used to have to leave the house for walks to avoid the nightly meltdown (remember giving me that advice?). Now that is ancient history. Bedtime now is a breeze. Strict routine. No options. Everyone just goes right to sleep. There are no fights or begging or anything! And we get a whole evening of kid-free connection time!!!”

I have you to thank for that. Thank you!!!

– Heather, mother of three

“Meghan was instrumental in unraveling the mystery of my son’s behavior. As a father I was frustrated that I could not ‘fix’ my son’s behavior. Meghan helped me understand the situation in an entirely different way. Once I was there, Meghan provided a clear roadmap for me to follow to keep my emotions in check so that I could proactively anticipate, channel and address misbehavior. The net result was a more enjoyable experience with my son and more rewarding experiences in the limited time we have as a family together. I am grateful to Meghan for solving the problem I did not know existed that was at the center of a challenging family environment. I recommend her highly  to other Dads and families. It is well worth your time to work with her.”

— Tony, father of two

“If I could convince every parent to use Meghan Leahy, I would. Her smart, savvy and non-judgmental approach helped us tackle issues — big and small — we’d been struggling with for years. We’re better parents today thanks to her.”

 Alicia, mother of two

“Meghan was an excellent fit to help our family! With practical tools that came with a clear explanation, we were able to encourage our children’s good behavior, and develop a more positive relationship as a family. I am still using some of her catchphrases ‘what’s watered, grows’ to help me keep in mind what is important. Simple, small tweaks to our family structure, and consistency, have really helped me become a better mom.  I truly believe that Meghan is my instruction manual to my powerful, and wonderful, kids, as well as to my own parenting style.”

Becca, mother of two

“Meghan helped me put the joy back in parenting.  She laid out a simple parenting plan that was easy to implement and made a huge improvement in our son’s behavior.”

Jen, mother of two

Speaking Testimonials

Meghan’s presentation is very ‘down-to-earth’ and goes a long way to normalize the idea that parenting can be tough and not so enjoyable at times. She is gently realist, and inclusive of all issues and styles. Meghan’s program is unique in that she doesn’t work with children, only parents, preferring to enable the parent to make the connection with their child on their own terms. All was presented with a dose of light-heartedness and comedy, which really goes a long way!

— Rosa, World Bank Group