Essential Oils

From the moment our children are born, the most essential way we connect to them is through the senses.

As our children have their senses filled and fulfilled, the brain can comfortably grow. Simply the smell of her mother will set a baby at ease, and while humans love to rely on sound (of our voices) to connect, the other sense are critically important for attachment.

Essential Oils are such a simple way to connect to your children.

Rubbing their feet.

Rubbing their backs.

A little oil on the back of the neck, behind the ears, soles of the feet.

A drop in water.

Drops diffused next to them during homework. Bedtime. Reading time.

A drop rubbed in hands when they awaken.

Oils have helped me connect to all three of my children (especially my little worrier).

We are all calmer.

We have a loving routine that does not involve me talking or lecturing or making anyone do or say anything.

It’s just touch and smell (and sometimes taste).

I want to help you learn how to use these oils; they are so much fun.

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Meghan Leahy is a certified parent coach, a parenting columnist for The Washington Post, as well as a certified school counselor and former teacher.

Last and never least, Meghan is a mother to three young children herself. She is no stranger to power struggles!